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John Raitt

Wm. John Raitt began designing home décor collections for his furniture and lighting import business in 2003. His passion for travel has led him to over 30 countries where he studied the arts and architectural designs of those cultures. He now is the lead designer and founder of Pemet Designs.

Established in 2008, Pemet Designs specializes in all aspects of home remodeling and design tailored to each client’s needs.

Home remodeling can be intimidating, whether it’s remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or completely renovating an entire house. We pride ourselves on working directly with our clients to present them with a clear understanding of the process and timeline for any project.

We have an extensive list of contractors and vendors whom we have built trusting relationships which allow us to work well within each client’s budget.

Our services include: —  Full Home Remodels  ––  Kitchen Remodels  ––  Bathroom Remodels  ––                     ––  Floor Plans & Renderings  ––  Property Staging  — 

If you have any questions and would like to request a project bid, feel free to contact us any time. We look forward to working with you.

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