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Kaf Herring

Before starting his own renovation business, former
NFL combine trainer Kaf Herring led a successful
career training and mentoring over 500 athletes and
owning a sports performance gym named Team KPS.
Today, he co-owns and operates an interior design
company called Brookwood Home Designs, and continues
to make public appearances and speeches informing
youth about the importance of education and
entrepreneurship. His varied career includes mentoring,
sports training, business development, customer
service, and project management.
With over 10 years experience, Kaf’s
ability to develop client relationships
based on respect, trust, and confidence
has been the key to his success
as a business owner.
Skilled at creating beautiful projects
under a variety of budgets, styles,
timeframes, and requirements, Kaf
guides his clients through every phase
of the renovation process. He has developed
an exceptional background in
project management and a professional
style based on his excellent in[
ter-personal communication skills.
While building his business and
brand, Kaf has developed relationships
with investors, brokers, and realtors
in the Georgia market. This is a
contributing factor to his diverse work
portfolio which includes single and
multi-family homes valued from
$125,000 to $2.5 million dollars.
His strong sense of community
pushes him to continue to build a
strong network that can nourish our
next generation of young entrepreneurs
and homeowners. When Kaf is
not working, he enjoys spending
time with his family, extreme
out-door sports, traveling, and
collecting exotic cars

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