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Don Carlson

We are Don and Janelle. Newly married living in Southern California, we are high school sweet hearts trying to live out our dreams and make it in this crazy real estate world. We both graduated from college (Don with his Bachelor’s in Business Marketing and Janelle with her Master’s in Business Administration) and joined the work force as lead generators for a home improvement company. After working in the corporate world for a couple years, we realized this traditional career path was not for us.
We are big dreamers. Once Janelle’s mom passed away, our priorities switched from living out the traditional American dream to building and leaving a legacy for our family while creating amazing memories along the way. That is when we found real estate.
We both decided to jump feet first into the real estate industry. Don became a mortgage broker and Janelle became a Realtor. After about a year in this field, we realized this still wasn’t exactly what we felt called to do even though we absolutely love the career path. We started looking into other ways to create financial freedom through real estate and that’s when we came across investing.
Investing was a big risk for us. Even though we had some money, we did not want Janelle’s inheritance from her mom to go to waste. After carefully evaluating multiple types of real estate investments over the course of a year, we finally bought our first triplex out of state as a rental property.
A few months later, we are proud to say we are owners of 4 investment properties totaling 11 units at the age of 24.
We love buying value-add multi units to give people great places to live and improve the communities with the little money we have. We can’t wait to see where this investment journey takes us. We look forward to expanding our portfolio, helping people along the way and fulfilling the dreams we never thought were truly possible to achieve

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